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Workouts Guide

workouts guide . The Perfect free workout videos from Perfect Body Magazine ! Find the best workouts designed for muscle building, fat loss, abs, general fitness and sports performance. Free plans available for men and women.

Free Workouts Guide Online

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Workouts Guide

Our huge database of exercise guides are broken up into specific muscle groups and exercise categories. If you’re looking to work on toning up your butt, just choose this muscle group from the list and you’re all set.

Workouts Guide Online

Just click on the body part you want to tighten up and you’re on your way to a firmer physique! From free weight exercises using dumbbells and barbells, all the way to body weight movements, our extensive database of exercise guides really has a workout solution for anyone who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

Use our extensive exercise guides on this page as a road map to help you reach your fitness and physique goals!

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