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body type, body types, Ectomorph Body Type, Endomorph Body Type, Mesomorph Body Type, What is my Body Type

What’s my Body Type?

Human Body Types .Before Getting start any fitness programs , You should know What Is Your Body Type ?

Because Body type influences how you respond to diet and training. Understand your body type in order to plan your muscle building training and diet program.
 body type, body types, Ectomorph Body Type, Endomorph Body Type, Mesomorph Body Type, What is my Body Type

Human Body Types

There are three basic human body types: the endomorph, characterized by a preponderance of body fat; the mesomorph, marked by a well-developed musculature; and the ectomorph, distinguished by a lack of much fat or muscle tissue. It’s all about the illusion these structures create. An ectomorph will naturally look skinner than he or she is, an endomorph will look heavier even when ripped, and a mesomorph will look well proportioned even with a little added weight. The goal: Make yourself look like a mesomorph even if you’re not.

1- Ectomorph Body Type .

2- Mesomorph Body Type .

3-Endomorph Body Type .

These body types aren’t set in stone. In fact, most guys have a combination of two body types. These combinations are either ectomorph/mesomorph or mesomorph/endomorph. It is not uncommon to find a pure mesomorph that gains weight .

So which body type are you?

Given the information above you should be able to identify your body type. You may also want to optimize your diet and training to suit your body type.
One final point I want to mention is that no matter what your body type you can build a big, ripped, muscular physique. Even the skinniest of guys can bulk up. Yes, it’s harder but if you’re willing to put in the hard work it can be done.

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