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The Best Dumbbell Ab workout For a Strong Core

Target your Abs with This Dumbbell Ab workout For a Strong Core. Dumbbell exercises for abs target the upper and lower abs muscles as well as the obliques.

The 3 Best Dumbbell Ab workout For a Strong Core

  • Weighted Crunch
  • Weighted Leg Raise
  • Dumbbell Side Bend


let’s go to work

1-Weighted Crunch

Lie down on your back on a bench and hold a dumbbell on top of your chest.
Raise your upper body until your shoulder blades no longer touch the bench and lower yourself back down after a short pause.
To avoid pulling your neck with your hands, look straight up instead of looking at your knees.



2-Weighted Leg Raise

Lie down with your back on the bench, hands gripping the sides of it and hold a dumbbell between your feet.
Raise your legs up until they are perpendicular to the floor and lower them back after a short pause.
Try to keep your legs extended by keeping your knees at the same angle.



3-Dumbbell Side Bend

Hold a dumbbell with one hand along the side of your body.
Tilt your upper body to the side that holds the dumbbell and bring it back after a short pause. Complete your set and change sides.
Be careful not to tilt your upper body too far sideways where it may be difficult to bring it back.




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