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Shahid Kapoor Workout routine And Diet Plan
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Shahid Kapoor Is One of the most famous actors in India.He is an Indian actor who appears in Hindi films. Cited in the media as one of the most attractive Indian celebrities, Kapoor maintains his popularity despite a fluctuating career trajectory.

Shahid Kapoor inevitably has been residing in the hearts of millions of girls from a long time. However, with his six pack abs and perfectly chiseled body, now the dashing guy has also become a source of fitness inspiration for guys..If you looking for Shahid Kapoor workout , you are in the right place.


Shahid Kapoor Workout Routine

His weekly workout routine is divided into 2 parts , His days being divided on the basis of his body parts has him focus on them entirely. His workouts are proportionate mix of cardio and strength training.

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