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Salman Khan Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Salman Khan Diet Plan

When it comes to nutrition , Salman Khan says You Must eat clean food and have additional calories ,Salman has 5-6 meals in a day to keep his metabolism revving high and is also a non-veg fan. That being said bodybuilding for vegetarians isn’t impossible. It’s just more difficult. The important thing to remember here is you should keep your protein high.According to Salman, the kind of food you eat is as important to the body as your workout.

  • Breakfast: 4 egg whites with low-fat milk
  • Pre workout: 2 egg whites, amino acid tablets, protein shake
  • Post workout: Almonds, oats, 3 egg whites, protein bar
  • Lunch: Veggies with salad, 5 chapatis
  • Snack: Protein bar, nuts including almonds
  • Dinner: Vegan soup, fish/chicken, 2 egg whites

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