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Salman Khan Workout Routine And Diet Plan
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Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan Known as Salman Khan. Salman is an Indian film actor, producer, singer and television personality , who has inspired many with his extraordinary body.He has a very intense and powerful workout and cardio routine. Many youngsters are inspired by the kind of build he has at this age.

Salman khan workout Routine and diet plan won’t make you a Bollywood star or get the salman khan body. It will however get you in the best shape possible, provided you follow it to the letter.

Salman Khan Workout Routine

If you want to Know the secret behind his strong, muscular body? His fitness trainer has revealed that Salman khan is a hard working guy who does some unbelievable stuff that many would not even dare to try like 2,000 sit ups or 1,000 push ups a day.

Salman follows a two body part a day workout plan. Although the Salman Khan workout schedule is unique to his strong and weak body parts, it is important to not follow this blindly. Rather take from this and alter this plan according to your needs and training levels.

Salman Khan allocated 5 days a week included cardio for exercises .

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