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One Arm Burpee

How To Do One Arm Burpee

One Arm Burpee

One Arm Burpee , Bodyweight , Quads , Legs, Glutes , Hamstrings , Calves , Triceps , Chest ,Shoulders , Abs , No Equipment

Exercise Data
Type: Bodyweight
Main Muscle Worked: Quads
Other Muscles: Legs, Glutes , Hamstrings , Calves , Triceps , Chest ,Shoulders , Abs
Equipment: No Equipment
Level: Advanced

One Arm Burpee Guide


1.Stand straight up with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Bend over and place one hand flat on the ground.
2.Kick and extend both legs straight behind you, leaving you in a one-arm pushup position.
3.Pause, and then bring your legs back underneath you and immediately jump up as high as possible while raising both arms overhead. Return to starting position.

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