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Mohamed Salah Workout And Diet Plan
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mo salah workout : How I prepare for a game


  • Sleep 

I try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, plus an hour or two in the afternoon. To do your best in training, eight hours is fine.You don’t get home until 12 and can’t sleep until about four. Then you’re tired the next day and you can feel it in your performance.

  • Visualisation
I always like to picture the game the night before: I’ll ask the kitman what kit we’re wearing, so I can visualise it. It’s something I’ve always done, from when I was a young boy. It helps to train your mind to situations that might happen the following day .
  • Meals
The night before games I’ll have chicken, pasta, fish: all the normal stuff you would expect us to eat. If it’s an early kick-off, you try and stock up the night before as much as you can, because you obviously can’t eat too much in the morning.
  • The final hour
I’ll have an energy drink in the dressing room 40 minutes before kick-off and then go out for the warm-up, which lasts about half an hour. About 10 minutes before the game starts, you’re back in the dressing room, you put your shirt on, shinpads on, and then go and kick-off. That hour’s all right, but the hour before that is worse, where you’re sitting round bored and you want the game to start. I just try and stay as relaxed as possible by doing something to take my mind off the game.

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