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Lionel Messi Workout And Diet Plan

Lionel Messi workout And Diet Plan

Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentina national team.Lionel Messi is one of the most best player in the world.

As We Know Football will need strength, speed, agility, endurance and explosiveness. to attain of these completely different qualities one desires a whole exercise.So, what does it takes to be one of the world’s most famous football players?

Here How To Do Warm up Before Exercise

Lionel Messi workout , football workouts , football workout , Messi workouts ,male celebrity workouts , Lionel Messi training

Lionel Messi workout

This workout includes pillar bridges, in which you position yourself on your elbows and toes for varying amounts of time.He prefers to workout only 5 days a week and makes sure that the body gets good rest as well.Lionel Messi workout has two different programs to work on.

Workout One – Deals with instant thrust and linear speed


Linear Speed Movement

  1. Pillar bridge (2 sets of 30 sec)
  2. Knee hug lunge (1 set 4 each side)
  3. Inverted hamstring stretch (1 set 4 each side)
  4. Pillar skip (1 set 15 yards)
  5. Rapid response 2-foot – linear (2 sets 5 seconds)


  1. Hurdle hop (2-3 sets 5 hurdles each)
  2. Split squat jump (2-3 sets 4 each side)

Movement Skills 

  1. Acceleration wall drill (2 sets, 5 each)
  2. Acceleration wall drill single exchange (2 sets, 5 each)
  3. Acceleration wall drill triple exchange (2 sets, 5 each)
  4. Acceleration split stance (3-5, 10 yards)
  5. Acceleration to base (3-5, 10 yards)

Workout Two – Deals with movement in different directions


Multi directional Speed Movement

  1. Pillar bridge lateral (2 sets 30 sec)
  2. Lateral lunge (1 set 4 each)
  3. Rotational lunge stretch (1 set 4 each)
  4. Pillar skip lateral (1 set 10 yards each)


  1. Hurdle hop Lateral (2-3 sets 5 hurdles)
  2. Lateral bound (2 sets 4 each)

Movement Skills 

  1. Lateral shuffle to cut (2-3 sets, 4 each)
  2. 3-hurdle drill stabilization (2 sets)
  3. 3-hurdle drill continuous (2 sets)
  4. 3-hurdle drill to drop step (2 sets, 3 each)
  5. Mirror drill (3-4 sets, 5-10 sec)

The above workout plan helps Messi to deal with enhanced and quick movement of feet and help in building up core strength of a professional footballer.

Lionel Messi Diet Plan

Lionel Messi workout , football workouts , football workout , Messi workouts ,male celebrity workouts , Lionel Messi training

The time spent on the field must have a support of a great diet plan to fetch the desired results. One might not be able to match up Lionel Messi workout chart in a day, but one can definitely follow up his diet plan easily.

10 days before a football match:

Messi believes in cutting down the carbohydrates from his body and building it gradually as the time of match comes around the corner. In this way, the body maximizes the blood sugar available in ample, inside the body, giving the body a good shape. The diet is called low carb high protein diet, which includes protein shakes 3 times a day, 7-8 glasses of water in order to avoid dehydration.

5 days before a football match:

The above diet is introduced with vegetable soup before every meal. The soup must contain a high amount of turmeric, chilli, coriander and ginger as they help in making blood thin as the vegetable soup is a vasodilator, which results in increased blood flow.

A day before the match:

Afternoon meal plays a crucial role, so Lionel takes fish/prawn/chicken along with boiled potatoes plus green vegetables and an orange.

6 hours before the match:

It is better to invest this time in sleeping rather than being awake and eat. Even in case Messi wakes, he never takes any wheat-related product as carbohydrates can slow down the body and urges him to sleep more. Instead, he goes for having porridge or sometimes combines egg white for ideal balance of proteins and carbohydrates.

90 minutes before the match:

Messi prefers to have seasonal fruits 70-90 minutes before the match. Banana, mango, apple, etc., are all good as they have the best amount of fiber and have less sugar content.

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