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Lean Muscle Workout Routine – Amazing 10 Exercises

6. Exercises for Building Lean Muscle : Shoulder Press

When you do seated shoulder press with really heavy dumbbells, you need a lot of strength and that’s why they are the perfect exercise to put on muscle mass in your anterior and medial heads of your delts. This is a compound pressing movement and it works on both your strength and your triceps size. Before you do this exercise, know how your triceps are supposed to work in regards to it because it will make the difference between a decent and an awesome shoulder press.

To keep your triceps away from fatigue and keep the pressure on the deltoids, shorten your range of motion a bit. When you get three to four inches before the lockout part of the movement, stop the concentric contraction and retreat into the eccentric part of it. When you lock out, your triceps will be engaged and you can make your shoulder presses dominate them, which will lower your deltoid stimulation and deltoid muscle building.

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