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John Abraham Workout Routine and Diet Plan
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If You Want a body like John Abraham, you are in the right place .Today, we’ll show you John Abraham Workout Routine And Diet Plan in Celebrity Workouts .

To look like John Abraham on screen, you need to train like him in the gym. These John Abraham Workout Routine will make you Build Muscle and Strength!

According to Wikipedia: John Abraham is an Indian film actor, producer and a former model who appears in Hindi films.
After modelling for numerous advertisements and companies, he made his film debut with Jism, which earned him a Filmfare Best Debut Award nomination.

John Abraham Workout Routine

  • Goal: Building Muscles
  • Skill level: Advanced
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Days per week: 7

Before starting Any workout, it is very important Doing Warm up To stay safe and obtain the foremost out of your exercising .The program is a 6 day workout split focused on building lean muscle mass. John Abraham workout schedule used to have two body parts a day. One big muscle followed by a small muscle. So for example, he would work out Chest and triceps one day, Shoulder and biceps, Back/lat one day, then legs twice a week.

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