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Jason Momoa Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Jason Momoa Diet Plan

Jason Momoa Diet must be matched with Jason Momoa Workout Routine in order to get the best results.he follows high protein diet that includes boiled chicken breast, green vegetables, and ocean fish. But, the man of comfort and ease that he is, he likes to live in his own skin, yet do the rules whole heartedly whenever there is the need for it. His dedication to achieve the target body for any role makes him follow a strict regimen, even to the extent where he needs to avoid carbs and follow a clean diet. His dedication is visible in the characters he plays and we can’t stop drooling over his chiselled physique.

Before an intense workout, Walton tells us that Momoa would fuel up on carbs — either plenty of fresh fruit if it was early in the day or a meal loaded with with quinoa or rice later in the day. His other pre-workout secret? “A strong coffee!” says Walton. (Research has shown that for some people a dose of coffee can jump-start your workouts and improve performance.)

As for protein and fat (the other two macros that make up a macros-focused diet), Walton tells us that Momoa ate lots of sashimi (mostly barramundi and salmon) as well as steak, adding in avocado and olive oil for a dose of healthy fats.

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