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Jason Momoa Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Jason Momoa Workout Routine

  • Goal: Building Muscles
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Days per week: 6

Before starting Any workout, it is very important Doing Warm up To stay safe and obtain the foremost out of your exercising .

Creating the type of functional strength and lean muscle mass Aquaman and a barbarian like Conan needs requires a specific workout format. Increasing total-body muscle mass and real-world strength requires using compound exercises.
The most effective and efficient way to achieve a badass superhero physique like Jason Momoa’s is through use of supersets. Supersets stack one exercise directly on top of another without any rest in between.
By eliminating a rest period, you demand more out of your body. The higher demand on your body causes you to burn more calories. Also, the time under tension is increased, causing your muscles to work harder. It’s an easy way to crank up the intensity knob on your workouts and speed up your results.

Accelerated Results 7 (AR – 7) was the key to Momoa’s success.

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