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Everything You Need To Know about Lose Weight

10. A cheat day is a must

You’ve probably heard of a cheat day before: a day where, pinned between memories of a strict, painful diet and the dread of a difficult week filled with boring, lifeless meals, is a shimmer of hope that you can consume whatever you want and in whatever quantity.

For this one day, you have total freedom. Want to get those cupcakes you saw earlier this week at the store? Go wild. Ice cream? Stack those scoops. Starbucks? Be daring–make it a venti.

However, what most people aren’t aware of is a cheat day has an entirely different and even more critical role in a diet: to maintain metabolic rate.

Here’s the thing: your new diet has the potential to slow down your metabolism because you’ll be consuming fewer calories. When this happens, you’ll burn fewer calories and your weight loss quota will be that much harder to hit.

But by having one day in the week where you go wild, you’re telling the body that it needs to maintain its current metabolic rate, maximizing your weight loss efforts all week long and enjoying yourself in the process.

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