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Everything You Need To Know about Build Muscle
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41) You don’t need high volume training. You just think you need high volume training.

42) Compound exercises are better choices than isolation exercises.

43) Don’t try to turn a compound exercise into an isolation exercise in an attempt to feel only a single muscle group.

44) Don’t turn an isolation lift into a pseudo-compound movement by using too much weight.

45) If you can’t get in a quality workout within 60 to 75 minutes, you have no business working out longer.

46) Eating fat is not evil.

47) Protein will not damage your kidneys.

48) Training to failure is absolutely not needed. Progression is.

49) There are no magic workout programs, but there are inefficient ones.

50) The slowing of gains is normal. It doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.

These 50 tricks are scientifically proven to be help you make insane Build Muscle fast: quickly, realistically, and healthily.

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