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Everything You Need To Know about Build Muscle
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31) If something is working, don’t change it.

32) Don’t deload or take a week off every time you have a bad workout. Bad workouts are part of the journey and don’t mean anything is necessarily wrong.

33) Train for gains, not for pain. Progress and live to fight another day.

34) Never waste a set.

35) It’s ok to use a few “pet exercises” each week, even if they aren’t the most effective. As long as the first 80% of your training is solid, a fun exercise won’t hurt anything.

Man With 6 Pack Abs

36) Which workout system is best? The one that most motivates you to train.

37) You will not become catabolic and ruin your workout if you miss the “anabolic window of opportunity.”

38) You don’t have to bomb, blast and blitz a muscle from every possible angle.

39) Simplicity is usually the best answer, regardless of the question.

40) You can’t change the shape of a muscle using specific exercises, you can only make that shape bigger.

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