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Everything You Need To Know about Build Muscle

21) Progressive overload is essential, regardless of the approach.

22) Without consistency very little will matter. Get your butt to the gym and stop missing workouts.

23) You don’t need to confuse your muscles every 8-12 weeks by changing workouts. This is complete nonsense.

24) Natural muscle builders can’t get as big as their steroid-using counterparts. It’s physiologically impossible.

25) Train highly technical lifts first in your program (snatches, overhead squats, power cleans, etc.).

26) Half squats and quarter squats are one of the worst thing you can do for your knees. They are anterior dominant and unbalanced.

27) It doesn’t matter how much when you eat, or how often you eat, as long as you are eating enough calories and not undereating macronutrients. Use common sense and listen to your body.

28) Try to make 80% of your diet consist of nutritionally dense, low/no processed foods.

29) Nutritional supplements aren’t magic, but that doesn’t mean they are useless.

30) Firsthand experience is more valuable than blindly following the opinions of other lifters. Try reasonable things yourself.

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