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Everything You Need To Know about Build Muscle
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1) Start each workout with a maximum of 2-3 high impact, heavy compound movements.

2) Limit your total exercises per day to around 4-5.

3) Most people only need to train 2, 3 or 4 days per week.

4) Don’t train for a new one rep max week in and week out.

5) Don’t train your dead lift above 90%. There is very little return on investment.

6) Train the entire body rather than training body parts.

7) Build an incredible strength base from head to toe.

8) Training frequently is generally slightly more optimal for muscle building.

9) You need rep work for form practice and Build Muscle , even if you’re “only” training for strength.

10) You need a potent strength base, even if you’re “only” training for muscle.

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