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Daniel Craig Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Daniel Craig Diet Plan


Here is a typical day for Daniel on his diet :

Breakfast: 2 Poached Eggs and 2 pieces of Toast
Snack: Protein Shake -or- fruits and Nuts
Lunch: Meat or Fish with small amount of Brown Rice -or- Baked Potato
Snack: Protein Shake -or- Yogurt with some Nuts
Dinner: Meat -or- Fish with some type of Leafy Green Vegetables like Salad, Spinach, or Broccoli.

Top 10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass .

Daniel Craig Transformation for James Bond

Because Daniel was more concerned with cutting body fat while building muscle, his carbs intake was very low. Also, the guy’s 40 (damn!), which means he has a slower metabolism; if you’re 20, skinny as a rail, and trying to look like James Bond, you’re going to want to eat WAY more complex carbs. If you’re on the bigger side of the spectrum and trying to slim down…this diet will work for you.

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