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you can take this day rest or not

Your Day 7 checklist

1. Write down your daily goals
2. Sleep 7-8 hours
3. Drink at least 6 glasses of water
4. Include protein in each of your meals
5. Eat veggies at every meal
6. Track your fitness and diet
7. Go for a 20-minute walk
8. Avoid crap foods
9. Foam roll
10. Make a protein shake
11. Find a training partner or join a community
12. Pick your program and stay focused

End Of 7 Day Beginner Trainer

Your already took your first step. This is the beginning of a journey that never ends. Remember, success creates more success. By starting this challenge, your life-changing ways have already begun.

We hope that this article provides some clarity and helps you to get started on your fitness journey. This is just the beginning and you should always strive to push yourself further and keep looking for ways to improve your body and increase your knowledge.

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